Ok my fellow Queens and Princesses, find your mirror and say it with me.


I Am…..

  1. Who God says I am.
  2. Very well cared for.
  3. Not my Past or the things and circumstances that have hurt me in the past.
  4. The Light of a very Bright Future.
  5. Not Fragile or Weak, but I’m Delicate and should be handled with Care.
  6. Whole, and in Good Health.
  7. Not Indecisive, but Cautious and Measured: There’s a difference 🙂
  8. Unique, Divine and One of a Kind.
  9. Full and in need of Nothing!
  10. The Best thing that has “Ever” happened to ME, my family and those around me.

I encourage you to try making personal declarations or confessions a part of your everyday routine. Write them on a sticky note, note card or white board and place it somewhere you can easily see it to help encourage and motivate you. Repeat them to yourself every morning or at night before bed. During this COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been declaring that “I have everything I need.” What are you Declaring and Decreeing?

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