I am Pregnant with the promises of GOD!  He told me so.  He redistributed by focus from the natural child I desire to have, to the life that is already growing inside of me in many forms.  I’m pregnant with businesses, a nonprofit organization, a novel and I’m sure that I will conceive many more babies in the future.

I am reminded that God’s timing is always perfect.  He knows what he is doing in my life and in him I will always put my trust.

Although I desire a child of my own,  my time has not yet come.  A Delay however, is not a Denial.  My father quietly said to me, “What about the other babies I’ve given you? Don’t forsake those children! You must be a mother and nurture those ideas I’ve put deep inside  your belly as well… so that you will be ready at the appointed time to give birth!!”

I am pregnant with a the promises of God.  EDD (Estimated Date of Delivery) to be determined…

But this is what I do know:

“Behold, he will do something in “me” at which both ears of everyone who hears it will tingle.”  1 Samuel 3:11


4 thoughts on “I’m Pregnant!!!

  1. Well said. I definitely believe that God has so much planned for me as well. I dont believe thay God has brought me as far as he has To leave me. My life is not what I want it to be right now but I always see Gods hand in it as I closer to where he’s guiding me.

    Good word. Thanks for adding me.


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